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Aligned CNTs Arrays Synthesizer—Standard Model

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  • This equipment is the upgrade version of basic model with additional fine-wire heating device and
    import setting of various gases. Besides organic liquid materials, there are also import inlets for
    hydrocarbon material gases, like ethane, methane. It can produce various CNTs, carbon nano-coil,
    micro coil and so on.
    • With additional fine-wire heating device for catalyst precursor which is heated and sublimed at
    advance, and deposits on substrate or carriers (Si, quartz, ceramics, etc). In principle, separated
    preparation of catalyzers is not necessary. That means formation of catalyzer and creation of CNTs is
    embodied at the same time in the same device and full process of CNTs synthesis is automatically
    completed. This device is not only applicable to array/aligned CNTs, but also to powder CNTs.
    • The metal-wire of this equipment can promote the growth of CNTs and make the growth of super-long
    CNTs easier.
  • In ethanol or hydrocarbon, if we heat catalyzer precursor and make it sublime while heating substrate or
    catalyzer carrier, CNTs will be created while material and current exchange happens on the surface of substrate or carriers.


SEM of Section of Super-Long CNTs array (about 500μm long) Film on Substrate


CNTs Powders created from powder carriers

Carbon Nano-Coil

Carbon Nano-Coil made by ethyne and hydrogen


SEM of CNTs Powders Created by Powder Carriers

Basic Technical Parameters
Mainframe - Heat-resistant organic glass housing
- purified gas import tube
- Exhaust pump pipe
- Output transmission pipe
- Vacuum meter
- Current import terminal
Multiple Plugs - Gas import tube 3pcs
Substrate Heater
  • 40mm×60mm
    Working temp. 400~800℃
Substrate heater Power Supply - Rating output power: 800W AC90-250
- single-phase 50-60Hz
- External dimension: W213mm×H130mm×D405mm
Catalyzer heater
- Heating wire
Catalyzer heater power

- Rating output power: 400W AC90-250
- Single-phase 50-60Hz
- External dimension: W110㎜×H130㎜×D405㎜

Exhaust Pump
  • Rotary pump


  • Radiation temperature meter
Made in Tsukuba Japan
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