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Aligned CNTs Arrays Synthesizer—basic Model

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  • With ethanol as carbon source. Ethanol is one of the most appropriate carbon sources of CNTs. It helps create single-wall CNTs and multi-wall CNTs with very good crystallizability. Reaction temperature is low. Besides, methanol, dimethylbenzene, benzene and other organic liquids can be also used as carbon source.
  • Some powders, such as Fe, Ni, Co, SUS, NiCu and so on can be directly used as catalyzer, without the need to prepare a catalyzer separately. This characteristic makes the production process of CNTs simple and convenient.
  • Vertical aligned CNTs arrays of high crystallizability can grow on various kinds of substrates or carriers, such as silicon, quartz, stainless steel, metal and ceramics. The whole process only takes 20-30 minutes.
  • Transparent glass housing enables user to observe the moment of CNTs growth.
  • Working temperature is lower than other production methods.
  • Preparation of aligned CNTs arrays on Fe, Ni and other alloy substrates doesn’t require additional catalyzers as the substrate itself is a catalyzer. Besides the substrate mentioned above, it is usually required that a catalyzer coat should be prepared on substrate in advance. A substrate with catalyzer coat is supplied if needed. You can also prepare your own catalyzer coat by film-forming device.
  • If you need a device which can automatically complete preparation of catalyzer and creation of CNTs, you can choose the product of same series. Aligned CNTs Array Synthesizer—Standard Model and Multifunctional Vacuum Coating Device.
  • Place the substrate coated with catalyzer in decompressed ethanol and then heat it to make vertically aligned CNTs arrays.
  • If catalyzer powders are directly placed on heater, powder CNTs of high oriented array will be made.


CNTs Arrays on Silicon Substrate Coated with catalyzer


The CNTs directed created on NiCu alloy. As Ni on the substrate can serve as the catalyzer of CNTs, no additional catalyzer coat is required.

Basic Technical Parameters
  • Heat-resistant organic glass housing
  • Purification gas import tube
  • Exhaust pump pipe
  • Output pipe
  • Vacuum meter
  • Current import terminal
  • External dimension:
    W400mm × H230mm × D 265mm
  • 25mm×40mm
  • Working temperature 400~800℃
Power Supply
  • Rating output power 400W
  • AC90-250 single-phase 50-60Hz
  • External dimension W110mm × H130mm × D 405mm
Exhaust Pump
  • Rotary pump

Crucible for liquid fuel

  • Radiation temperature meter
Made in Tsukuba Japan
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