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Aligned CNTs Arrays Synthesizer—Professional Model

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  • Large heating area, continuous catalyzer import and recyling of CNTs. This device is committed to continuous mass production of CNTs powders. The device is simple and convenient and can produce 10-50g CNTs per day and prepare super-long CNTs of high crystallizability.
  • Able to produce the CNTs which is directly dispersed in polymer/compound materials. Mix around grains or powders of polymers/compound materials with catalyzer (or its precursor) and make them disperse evenly. Then, CNTs will be created on the surface of grains or between powders and thereby, the compound material with well dispersed CNTs directly prepared. The excellent proportion and dispersion of CNTs in compound material cannot be achieved by other methods.
  • Catalyzer is continuously imported into plate-shaped heater from upper container and CNTs is created.
  • CNTs is pushed toward recycling container by scoop driving device.
  • Continuous production. Mass production of CNTs is embodied on mini equipment.


  • As-produced super-long CNTs
  • Length: 500μm~1mm
  • Diameter: 10nm
Basic Technical Parameters
  • Heat-resistant organic glass housing
  • Purification gas import tube
  • Reducing gas import
  • Hydrocarbon gas import pipe
  • Exhaust pump pipe
  • Output pipe
  • Vacuum meter
  • Current import terminal
Large heater
  • 60mm×80mm
  • Working temperature 400~800℃
Power supply of heater
  • Rating output power: 1600W AC90-250
  • single-phase 50-60Hz
  • External dimension: W430mm×H130mm×D405mm
Exhaust Pump
  • Rotary pump
Recycling device  
Catalyzer supplying and carrier device  
  • Radiation temperature meter
Made in Tsukuba Japan
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