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CNTs paste

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CNTs paste is formed by dispersing our super-long aligned CNTs array in solvent (i.e. silicon oil). Super-long CNTs not only improves the dispersion rate of CNTs, but also guarantees low viscosity, high stickiness and fluidity.
A thin coat on glass or transparent resin creates high electric conductivity. Compared with same amount of carbon black, CNTs paste possesses over 100 times higher electric conductivity. This is what super-long CNTs brings us. It can be used in various conductive pastes and transparent electrodes.
CNTs-Silicone paste
Highly-conductive silicone is formed by disperseing super-long aligned CNTs to silicone oil. To make a comparison with same volume of carbon-black silicone, we spread the two silicones on a glass separately by hand and then measured their impedance values. CNTs paste (lower left) looks a translucent film and displays lower impedance value; carbon-black silicone looks dark black and its impedance value is measured over 50 times that of CNTs silicone.


[CNTs/silicone paste of high viscosity and fluidity]


Besides, by adding curing agent to CNTs paste, we can have conductive silicone rubber. To make viscosity and fluidity reach to a good balance, we can fabricate by conductive rubber film or conductive rubber of 3D shapes. 4
CNTs-Fluorine paste
CNTs-Fluorine paste is made by adding liquid fluorine resin to super-long CNTs. By adding curing
agent, we can make heat-resistant conductive rubber.
This is a low-viscidity liquid paint which is made by dissolving CNTs in liquid xylene or toluene; or highly-conductive paint made by dispersing CNTs in hot curing resin paint, i.e. propylene.
Spread it on the surface of an object. After being dried, it becomes CNTs synthetic resin coating.
User can prepare a paint according to a desired type.
Made in Tsukuba Japan
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