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CVD Coating Device with heating Metal wire

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Desktop CVD Device with heating metal wire for Surface Processing
  • Test materials can be heated by the metal wire whose temperature can be 2000℃ at its maximum power and it can accelerate the decomposition of various reaction gases. Active molecules from decomposition of gas are accumulated on the surface of test material.
  • As hydrocarbon gases, i.e. methane, can be broken down under high-temperature of heating wire, we can produce Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) film which is conductive and corrosion-resistant.
  • Precursor of nitrogen gas is heated by metal wire and decomposed into ammonia gas while various substrates or materials can be nitride by high temperature and turned into liquid nitrogen Therefore, an ammonia bottle is not necessary. Test environment or site can be any.



Heating wire above substrate
Left: with methane, finished Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) film is created on WC.
Right: with nitrogen precursor, a golden titanium nitride film is formed on the surface of Ti
After nitrogen treatment, CNT is turned into liquid nitrogen CNT. Crystal structure of CNT can be changed into bamboo-shaped from the shape of hollow soft tube.
Basic Technical Parameters
  • Heat-resistant organic glass housin
  • Purified gas import tube
  • Material pump pipe
  • Current band
  • Vacuum meter
  • Current import terminal
Substrate heater
  • 25mm×40mm
  • Working temp. 400~800℃
Substrate heater power supply
  • Rating output power: 400W AC90-250
  • single-phase 50-60Hz
  • External dimension: W110mm×H130mm×D405mm
Metal-wire temp.
  • ~ 2000℃
Metal-wire heater’s power supply
  • Rating output power: 400W AC90-250
  • Single-phase 50-60Hz
  • External dimension: W110㎜×H130㎜×D405㎜
Exhaust pump
  • Rotary pump
Made in Tsukuba Japan
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