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Carbon Nanotube Production Device by Chemical Vapor Deposition_CVD751

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Carbon Nanotube CVD production device by quartz tube furnace

  • Various carbon nanotube or nano-coil, micro carbon coil and hexagonal crystal lattice can be made into film
    A wide and long reaction tube is adopted and applicable to production of carbon nano-tube on multiple substrates or mass production.
  • Complicated inside 3D surface enables carbon nanotube to grow evenly inside the tube.
  • Due to little effect of temperature, vertically aligned carbon nanotube is featured by even film thickness.
  • Ethanol and hydrocarbon have its own characteristics. Different types of materials produce different CNT.
  • This equipment can produce various CNTs according to requirement of application by replacement of ethanol and hydrocarbon.
  • CNT can be directly created in basic material by spreading around activator in various metal or ceramic basic materials (to be welded) at advance; by this way, we can develop the CNTs compound of high filling rate and good dispersibility.
  • Usable in other CVD devices as there is vacuum exhaust system, vacuum furnace and gas furnace.
Powder-typed CNT created from the combination of iron powder and ethanol in market

CNT array on stainless steel

Basic Technical Parameters
Tube furnace
  • Working temperature 400~1000℃
  • Length of heat tube with even heating: 200mm
  • Temperature control: 1 temperature adjustor
  • External Dimension: W750×H605×D450mm
  • External diameter of quartz: 75mmφ
  • Capacity of breaker: AC200 20A single phase
  • Weight 52kg
Furnace tube
  • Dimension: 74φ×L1000mm
  • Inlet pipe 1/2 pipe 2pcs
Gas control
  • Gas combination flow meter
  • Gas type N2/H2/CH4 (replaceable)
Liquid fuel entry system
  • Flow meter
  • Type of liquid: ethanol
  • Container liquid dividing
Vocuum meter
  • Vacuum meter of low-noise tube
Exhaust pump
  • Rotary pump
Made in Tsukuba Japan
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