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Carbon Nanotube Production Device by Chemical Vapor Deposition_CVD753

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  • 3 independent temperature adjustors are applied to control the temperature at different positions of quartz tube furnace to gain high temperature balance and the created carbon tube has high crystallizability. Various carbon nanotube or nano-coil, micro carbon coil and hexagonal crystal lattice may be created and form film.
  • Put silicon, quartz, porcelain, oxide and other carriers in the external import device with catalyzer precursor which is prepared at advance, catalyst and carbon nanotube will be created at the same time, without the necessity to prepare catalyzer separately. The device can easily prepare highly-dispersed CNT compound with CNT lamella structure/core structure of compound material.
  • Import ethanol into the device, ethanol will vapor based on vaporizing principle of ethanol, single-wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT) can be made easily. Besides, importing the vapor of assistant catalyzer of Carbon Micro Coil can effectively create carbon nano-coil and micro carbon coil.
  • This equipment is the upgrade of CVD-751. Please refer to CVD-751 for other characteristics.
For the import of catalyzer precursor, as-produced CNT long strips are created on the surface of alumina particles

The Carbon Micro Coil created by the import of acetylene and co-catalyst

Basic Technical Parameters
Tube furnace
  • Working temperature 400~1100℃
  • Length of tube with even heating: 200mm
  • Temperature control: 3 temperature adjustor
  • External dimension: W890×H700×D420mm
  • External diameter of soft tube: 75mm φ
  • Breaker capacity: AC200 30A single phase
  • Weight: 75kg
Furnace tube
  • Dimension: 74φ×L1220mm;
    Import tube: 1/2 tube 2pcs
Gas control
  • Gas combination flow meter
  • Gas type N2/H2/CH4 (replaceable)
[CNT composition] liquid fuel import
[CMC composition] co-catalyst import
  • Matrass,
  • Gasification heater,
  • Import tube
Import of catalyzer precursor
  • Test tube,
  • Sublimation heater,
  • Import tube
Vocuum meter
  • Vacuum meter of low-noise tube
Exhaust pump
  • Rotary pump
Made in Tsukuba Japan
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