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Copper nanoparticless, Cu

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Cu nanoparticless_made by physical process
Cu nanoparticless_made by chemical process
Copper Nanopowder
Purity: (Grade A) 99.9+%
Average particle size: 25nm (0-60nm)
BET specific surface area: 30-50 m2/g
Purity: (Grade B) 99.5%
Average particle size:(Grade B) 50-80nm
BET specific surface area:(Grade B) 12 m2/g

Production process


NaBond_Cobalt nanoparticles is produced by laser evaporation process. The raw material used is high purity Cobalt. This process enables us to make high purity, small particle size, high active Cobalt nanoparticless in large quantity and low cost.




Conductive slurry -The electronic size with good performance made of copper nanoparticles instead of valuable metal particles cuts cost to a large extent. This technology is used to the preference of microelectronic processes.

The superficial conductive coating processing of metal and non-ferrous metal-Due to their high-activity surface, aluminum, copper and nickel nanoarticle can coat under oxygen-free condition below smelting point of the particles. This technology can be adopted in the manufacture of microelectronic devices.


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