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Iron nanoparticles, Fe

Iron Nanopowder
Appearance Black powder
Morphology: Sphere
Purity: 99.9+%
Average particle size: 25 nm (0-60nm)
BET specific surface area: 40-60 m2/g
Bulk density 0.10-0.25 g/cm3

Production process


NaBond_Iron nanoparticles is produced by laser evaporation process. The raw material used is high purity Iron. This process enables us to make high purity, small particle size, high active Iron nanoparticless in large quantity and low cost.




Magnetic fluid-The magnetic fluid made of iron, cobalt, nickel and its alloy nanoparticless provide excellent properties, they are widely used in seal shock absorption, medical equipment, acoustic adjustment, optical display, etc.


Magnetic-conductive size-With the advantages of high saturation magnetization and high magnetic inductivity of iron nanoparticles, magnetic conductive size can be made, it is used for the binding structure of fine magnetic head.


Microwave-absorption materials-Metal nanoparticless has special absorbing ability to electromagnetic wave. Iron, cobalt. Zinc oxide particles and its carbon package particles can be used as military high-performance millimeter wave invisible materials, visible light-infrared invisible materials and structural type invisible, and mobile radiation shielding materials.


High-performance magnetic recording materials-With its advantages including high coercivity, high saturation magnetization intensity (up to 1477km2/kg), signal-to-noise ratio and good oxidation resistance, it remarkably improves the performance of tape, large-capacity hard disk and soft disk.


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