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Nanoparticles creating device

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A nanoparticles creating device by having metal material vaporize in inactive glass container

  • 10~20nm nanoparticles are usually created varying with material type or processing condition.
    Created nano particles are accumulated on substrate, and forming nanoparticle film.
  • Customized by demand, such as high-frequency (RF) heating method, expansion scale, high-frequency spec and so on.
TEM of Ag nanoparticle

TEM of Si nanoparticle

Creation moment of nanoparticle in organic glass housing
Basic Technical Parameters
  • Heat-resistant organic glass housing
  • Purification gas import tube
  • Exhaust pump pipe
  • Output pipe
  • Vacuum meter
  • Current import terminal
  • Tungsten
  • Working temp. ~2000℃
Power supply of heater
  • Rating output power: 400W AC90-250
  • single-phase 50-60Hz
  • External dimension: W110mm×H130mm×D405mm
Exhaust Pump
  • Rotary pump
Made in Tsukuba Japan
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