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Oxamide :

Oxamide is a white crystalline solid, which is soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in water and insoluble in diethyl ether.
Other names Oxamide (6CI,8CI); Diaminoglyoxal; NSC 2770; Oxalamide; Oxalic acid diamide; Oxamic acid amide; Oxamimidic acid.
CAS Registry Number 471-46-5
HS Code 29241990
Formula C2H2N2O2
Appearance White Crystal Powder
Purity 98.5-99.5%
Molecular Weight 88.07
Melting point 320±2℃
Moisture <0.20%
Specific Gravity(20℃) 1.667
Particle size 3-5 micron


It is used as a stabilizer for nitrocellulose preparations and may substitute
urea in fertilizers.
Oxamide has proved a useful research tool due its ability to form self-
assembled monolayers consisting of a hydrogen bonded network.

It also finds use in APCP rocket motors as a high performance burn rate
suppressant. The use of oxamide in concentrations of 1-3 wt% has shown to
slow the linear burn rate while having minimal impact on propellant specific


Oxamide is a white powdery solid with a characteristic odor.

Packing size

25 kg fiber drum


NaBond_Oxamide is not considered hazardous and therefore is not regulated
by DOT or IATA.

Storage and Handling

Materials should be stored at room temperature or below.? Please refer to the MSDS for additional information regarding safe handling and environmental precautions.

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