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Silicon Nanoparticle, Si, 50nm, 100nm

Silicon Nanopowder

This product is produced by plasma arc vapor synthesis process.

Properties and features:
This product possesses high purity, small and uniform particle diameters, large specific surface area, high surface activity, low loose loading density. Silicon (Si) Nanopowder is an exciting and relatively new material with the potential to revolutionize the electro-optic semiconductor, which means it is a highly inefficient source of light.
Purity: 99+% 99+%
Oxygen content:   <1%
Specific surface area
22 m2/g > 80m2/g
Apparent density
0.08g/cm3 0.08g/cm3
Morphology Polycrystalline spherical
Color Ochre powder Brown yellow
Zeta potential -18.5mV  
Average particle size: 100nm 50 nm

Silicon nanopowder finds potential applications in solid state lighting, lasers, microelectronics, biologicaal tags, etc. It may soon reside in a technically disruptive role in biological applications as it is non-toxic to the human body, in contrast to other related materials. Its narrow band photoluminescence can be tuned throughout the visible spectrum.
␣ High refractive-index nanocomposites

␣ Light emitters

␣ Nonvolatile memory devices


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