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Zinc nanoparticles, Zn

Zinc nanoparticles
Appearance Grey powder
Morphology: Sphere
Purity: 99.9+%
Average particle size: 35 nm (0-80nm)
BET specific surface area: 30-50 m2/g
Bulk density 0.20-0.40 g/m3

Production process


NaBond_Zinc nanoparticles is produced by laser evaporation process. The raw material used is high purity Zinc. This process enables us to make high purity, small particle size, high active Zinc nanoparticles in large quantity and low cost.




Efficacious catallyzer-Zinc and its alloy nanoparticles are used as catallyzer, thanks to its high efficacy and good selectivity, it is used as catallyzer for carbinol synthesizing with carbon dioxide and hydrogen and the like.




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