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Expert in Micro & Nano-Technologies!

NaBond was founded in 2001 as a trading enterprise sepcializing in chemical & engineering-related products, which not only handles sales of products but also provides technological support services. Our mission is to provide an interface between today’s top business enterprises and the technology and information they need. NaBond offers its clients an extensive selection of goods and services, ranging from cutting-edge technological breakthroughs to everyday household needs. For the past 10 years, we have responded to the various needs of our business customers, both domestic and overseas. With a unique integrated approach that no other company can match, NaBond continues to respond to the ever-changing demands of the modern business world.

Besides of trading business, we are developing more and more products by ourselves, which include some nanopowders, polycarbosilane, nanofiber electrospinning unit, so on and so forth.

Business description:
1. Imports and exports, sales, wholesale, and agent representation for the following products and items: machinery, tools, materials, instruments, meters, metal products, chemicals, gunpowder and explosives, fabrics and related products, and other general merchandise.

2. Chemicals for aerospace industry.

3. Nano-materials.

4. Wind power generation facilities.

5. Advanced adhesives.

6. Anti-polution system.

7. Machinery for measurment & production for high technology industry.

8. Repair and maintenance services for plant facilities and equipment described above.

9. All businesses related to the above item.

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